Rapper J. Cole recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of his classic mixtape, The Warm Up. The celebration comes just in time for him to kick off his second annual Dollar and a Dream tour in London where he will play tracks off the 2009 masterpiece.

In the spirit of concerts the Dreamville Records CEO shared with Rolling Stone his favorite show.

Dave Chappelle's Block Party was probably the most awesome show I've ever been to in my life. It was incredible, said Cole. I was in college at the time — I was a sophomore in New York — and it's funny that I made it to the screen. I went with my girl to this Jay Z interview with Carson Daly, and there was a little production company that set up all the Carson Daly stuff, and if you signed up with them online they sent notifications for the Block Party, Chappelle's secret show that was going on. You didn't know who was performing — there were rumors, maybe the Fugees or something — but I was like, Hell yeah, you know I'm trying to go to that!’”

Cole told Rolling Stone that he took his then roommate to the classic show, which he claims wasn’t an actual block party. It was more of what he would consider a festival, but regardless he said, “it was the best f**king 12 hours I ever spent on my feet in my entire life.”

The North Carolina rapper considers the event one of the best hip-hop moments and is forever grateful to Dave Chappelle for putting the show together. He said he was actually even supposed to perform at Chappelle’s most recent set of shows a Radio City. Despite not being able to perform, he will always have the memory of attending the block party.