J. Cole’s second mixtape, The Warm Up, is turning five in June and he’s celebrating with a new tour.

The Roc Nation rapper took to Instagram yesterday to reveal a promotional poster for Dollar & A Dream Tour, which will feature Cole performing The Warm Up in full. The tape included his buzzworthy songs “Lights Please," "Grown Simba" and “Dead Presidents II.”

The dates for the nationwide tour haven’t been announced yet, but J. Cole’s Dreamville crew is anticipating it’ll be really memorable. During Bas’ press run for his debut album, Last Winter, we asked the Queens rapper and longtime friend, manager and business partner Ibrahim "Ib" Hamad their thoughts on the forthcoming tour and what it means for Cole.


"I’m excited for the tour as a fan of his music. I don’t remember seeing those records performed that often. At that point it was a small group of really traveling. I’m real excited just to see the show and seeing how far Cole has come as a showmen and a performer. To see him apply that to those records with a full band, I think it’s gonna be epic."

Ibrahim "Ib" Hamad

"For me it’s just … the last Dollar & A Dream Tour [was] so exciting because we got to perform records that we never get to perform. And The Warm Up, obviously not just for Cole, but for our whole team like changed our lives. It’s just exciting being able to go back. It’s some records on that tape that have never been performed.

Even when we were first doing The Warm Up, he says he wasn’t the performer as he is now. To be able to do it now with a new fresh state of mind on how to really perform and how to really do a great show … and back then I was DJing. I never DJed in my life. I was DJing off of iTunes and learning Serato just so we can survive on the road.

With the band and with the new idea we have, it’s just gonna be dope. It’s just good to put an importance back on a mixtape that I believe not only changed what we are doing now but I believe changed the way hip-hop has been promoted through labels. Labels are starting to understand that there’s a real fanbase without the singles and it’s being on that road. So, I think it is important to go back to that moment and shed a little light on it."