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REVIEW: J. Cole, The Warm Up

Since signing to Jiggaman’s Roc Nation imprint all eyes have been on J. Cole. Well, not Tupac “All eyes” status, but heads in the hood were curious as to why Mr. S. Dot Carter took a shining to the young Tarheel. Cause everybody knows that for every Beanie Sigel and Rihanna that Jiggaman’s brought to the game he’s also tacked on an Aztek and a Teairra Mari or two or three. So one of the questions that’s on the mind of most of the hip-hop world right now is: Did Hova find a diamond in the rough or just coal to discard into the fire should the Roc Nation movement fail to gain momentum?

If his freestyles on “’Till Infinity” and “I Shot Ya!” instrumentals are any indication of how hungry this kid is to show and prove that he’s ready to be crowned Rookie of The Year, then get Charles Barkley away from the buffet cause J.  Cole is ready to go in with his off the meat rack material. But almost anyone can drop a hot 16 over a gutter beat, right? Well them same freestyle artists can’t put together dope thought-driven songs like “Can I Live,” “Dreams,” “Lights Please.” Straight album sounding cuts on a mixtape. More concept songs than battle rhymes, dude can drop more jewels about life than T-Pain can stuff in his “Dumb Ass Chain.”

And being a Jay artist, you’d have to expect him to rhyme over a classic Hova song. He chose “Dead Presidents II” and luckily he didn’t make an ass out of himself when spitting, “Heaven or hell? You choose/freedom or jail? You lose/I can’t stop I’m as hot as the Devil’s shoes/overcame a low life status to blow like Gladys/ahead of my time like I live my whole life backwards/I’m nothing like these ho like rappers/my whole life practiced to be the one/what it’s like to be Lebron? They callin’ you the savior, so much pressure but you deal with it/the weight of the world on your shoulders but you still lift it.”

I must say that when the mixtape was over I was hella impressed with how this young man carried himself on these tracks. Never lazy with the flow and constantly attacking the mic with clever rhymes and intriguing lyrics and content, J. Cole seems to be the type of MC that can maintain his cool composure throughout an entire project even when under the wing of a living hip-hop legend. Though his “I’m the shit” metaphors on every other song became tiring and his hook game could use a little more sharpening, son is on the right track and will no doubt develop a loyal following. Has Jay finally found an heir to the Roc throne? Too soon to say, but with Jay at the helm of his career, what’s the worst that can happen?

Do not ask Peedi Crakk, Neef, Christion, Diamonds In Da Rough, Amil, Rell or Tru Life that question though…-The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “Can I Live”

Weakest Joint: “Get Away”

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  • BeerGangsta

    New Jack seem to be on the right foot as of right know. He are getting his shit out there. Rap game at the bottom of the barrel. Somebody new need to bring it back to life.

  • Pierzy

    What’s going on, O? So this mixtape is impressive? I’m going to peep it ASAP. I’ve heard good ish…

  • BlanQ

    This Mixtape is stupid crazy.. J. Cole is definitely gonna be known if he continues on the path he’s on right now..

    I mean dude only put out a mixtape and it was that hot?? Shit I cant wait to hear his shit he’s gonna be dropping to blow..

  • Still Reckless

    I peeped his mixtape. This shit is really fire. Just might be a classic mixtape. His ability to lyrically damage tracks and craft listenable songs at the same time is uncanny in today’s market.

    I’m definitely a fan of this dude! His verse on Wale’s new mixtape, Back to the Feature was crazy as well.


    Imma check it out O you usually be on point my dude. If is as nice as you say i hope Jay can prove once and for all he is not just all about his own career and that he can truly produce a star as far as mainstream goes atleast.

  • O

    What’s good?

    Word up, man. Seems like the only heads Jay really tried to help were Bleek and Beans. We’ll see what he does for J. Cole. J got the raw talent, he just needs Jigga to Phil Jackson him to the top…

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  • Jenna

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say
    that I have really enjoyed reading your posts. Any way
    I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

  • HERM

    Yeah, this dude is dope. Definitely gonna cop like Carl Winslow. Good lookin’ out, O!

  • Brian

    I was at the J Cole mixtape release party and not only did he kill it with Lights Please and his other jams, BUT we was chill and cool enough to talk to people right when he got off the stage and even talked with my buddy and I for about 20 minutes after the party outside the club. I hope he blows up cause his flow is NICE!

  • dan99

    shit was basically an lp, a classic one at that. Very impressed, it’s better than 99.99999% of everything that is out right now.

  • Azhar

    Sup O

    Ima check this joint out….been hearing goods things bout dis prospect!!!

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    dude way betta than anything poppin right now but please chill wit’ da classic shit you bandwagon hoppin jizm droplets!…classic?….naw….ill most definitely.

  • jraven

    i must say like what you wrote and j cole is seriously the future!!! can’t wait for the album

  • Anonymous

    wtf!! get away his weakest joint? hell no!!!!

  • http://kidsurfer.wordpress.com/ devon

    wtf!! get away his weakest joint? hell no!!!!

  • LiveLoveMusic

    J.Cole has displayed a graphic illusion for many… His delivery is by far very prompt, and he has all the ability to continue on with his development. The Warm-up showed much improvement from his first mix tape ” The Come Up “.

    Best Track : ” Can I Live ”

    Most Diverse : ” World Is Empty ” & ” Dreams ”

    J.Cole keep doing your thing Five Star Review

  • will

    1 of the hottest out right now..deff listen to “The Come Up” and “The Warm Up”

    J. Cole

  • will

    Wale -Mixtapes- “A mixtape about nothing” “Back To The Feature”

    “Attention Deficit” was also serious

  • adm21

    this tape is dope crack from start too finsh. cop it you will not be disappointed

  • http://xxlmag.com Mikee $tar

    Get Away Is NOT The Weakest Joint !
    Last Call isss !

  • G$M

    YO Im West Coast, Baskpack style and i gotta let u know that this mixtape is a breath of freshness to the game right now, interested pick up the come up and rep that young simbe to grown simba, check this kid out hes got lyrical talent-
    Get Money

  • John Doe

    Nigga You Aren’t Nas so suck a fuckin dick. Big Krit will fuckin murder you Bitch

  • http://Yahoo John Doe

    Suck A dick weak nigga

  • Prof

    J Cole is da new era skuxx superstar