Maserati Met is a rapper and an apparent associate of disgraced Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, who was banned for life by the NBA last month after a leaked audio call with his girlfriend V. Stiviano caused an uproar due to Sterling's racist comments. Maserati spoke with Sterling on the phone for over an hour after the initial incident, and then himself leaked their conversation to the Daily Mail on Tuesday (May 15), in which Sterling denied being a racist, and instead laid the racism card at the feet of Stiviano. Not content with just leaking the audio, Maserati then went on CNN last night to discuss the tape and, going by the name Maseratimet, said he'd known Sterling for five or six years and ran an escort service in Las Vegas through which he would introduce Sterling to "light-skinned black women."

So we learned that Maserati, AKA Maseratimet, AKA Maseratiet, is a Vegas pimp with a small rap career who rubs shoulders with some of the monetary elite in Los Angeles—and is also not one to shy away from the spotlight whenever the opportunity arises. But who really is Mazi, and where did he come from? XXL has compiled everything we know about the rapper who just added a whole bunch of fuel to this already raging fire.


—Maserati was apparently moved to release the tape after Sterling—in a part of their phone conversation that was not released—"started going crazy" on Magic Johnson. Somewhere inside him, the morality of the man was offended, and he decided to release the recording to the public so that people could "really hear the other side of Donald Sterling."

—During his conversation with CNN's Don Lemon, he admitted to at least two crimes: running an escort service in Las Vegas, and recording Donald Sterling without his consent, violating California's state law requiring all parties to be aware of a recording before it is begun. That law varies state-by-state—New York, for instance, does not require both parties to know that a conversation is being recorded—but it's a crime in California.

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—He's got a Twitter account  (with 55 followers as of press time) and an Instagram account (which is locked, but had 9,073 followers as of press time), as well as a YouTube page that posted one video less than a day ago, a Future-esque 30-second clip of a trap beat with the lyrics "All I know is murder/All I know is real/All I know is hustle" and "Summer time coming/All my killas bout ta kill/All I know is murder." The song had 222 views as of press time.

—Maserati Met's Twitter account has just 19 tweets, and appears to have been created on May 3. His first tweet, reading ""All eyes on MAZI" album coming soon also bonus dvd interview Explaining everything," appears to announce an album on the horizon, which, if his YouTube is anything to go from, could sound like a cookie cutter trap album.

—He loves the word "thot," calling Stiviano one on national television in his CNN interview and tweeting that he comes across "hundreds" per day. He also cryptically tweeted "Shit just hit the fan" a full five days before the Daily Mail audio was posted, and tweeted a photo of himself saying "Just left CNN #crazy" last night.

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—He is not Maserati Skrill, a St. Louis rapper who, despite having a similar name and certainly trying his best to milk as much publicity as he can out of this situation.

—He lives in Atlanta right now, though did live in Vegas five or six years ago around the time he first met Sterling. His hometown is unknown at this point, but judging by the music on his YouTube page, he's been influenced by the ATL hip-hop scene, at the very least.

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—He has a Dipset connection, having put out a mixtape called Hell Rell's Advocate Maseratihosted by Duke Da God, on March 27. The posting on Datpiff also mentions that he was dropping a mixtape titled Maserati Dreams on April 14, but the tape doesn't appear to exist anywhere.

—On Instagram he's posted a photo of the Pirana Gang album Swag with the caption, "First deal I had with my bros Pirana Gang #tbt shit was in stores #Koch Records #Target." Pirana Gang was a Dipset-affiliated group under Hell Rell's Top Gunnas imprint and dropped Swag in 2009 on West Coast Mafia/Koch; Maserati has posted photos of himself with Jim Jones and Freekey Zeekey on his Instagram.

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—According to his Instagram, he's an affiliate of 2 Chainz' artist Cap-1; the two co-hosted a club opening party in December together, and he's posted a number of flyers supporting Cap, Chainz and other Atlanta hip-hop artists.

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