The biggest story outside of the Jay Z and Solange fight is the Donald Sterling saga. Sterling recently on CNN and chopped it up with Anderson Cooper for one of the most bizarre interview you'll will ever see. Seriously, it's a publicist worst nightmare.

Well it gets even more crazy. two weeks, Sterling had an hour-long telephone conversation with a rapper named Maserati. How did this happen? Who knows but supposedly they are besties. Well his BFF Maserati leaked the phone conversation because he feels Sterling crossed the line and Daily Mail got their hands on the audio.

in the hour long conversation, Sterling says he's not a racist at all but his former mistress V.Stiviano is the real racist and hates being part-black and bleaches her skin every day. He also goes on to say that having the LA Clippers' players stay ay his apartment is proof that he's not a racist. He goes on about his and Stiviano sex life, how he met her and that she blackmailed him.

Listen to the conversation below.