Do you remember when Molly was the "it" drug? Or when everybody in your mama's house was repeating Trinidad James' catchy "Pop a Molly, I'm sweating" line? Well, Danny Brown doesn't really think Molly is cool anymore, unless he's in Europe. During his interview with The Breakfast Club, Danny touched on why he gave up on Molly.

"No I don't [use mollies] cuz it's not really good anymore," explained the rapper. Brown, who was openly a fan of Molly before, explained that he would consider taking it again only if he's either in Europe or Spain.

"I mean, it's so cut. I mean in Europe, I'd do it if I was in Europe or Spain. That's where it's you know? Cuz I guess the way you look at it over there with the dance music, culture, and stuff like that, the way they look at MDMA, is the way we look we look at Marijuana over here. They want the best or the top of the top. It's just so good and you have a great time. You party all night."

In addition, to leaving Molly alone, you may recall Brown originally giving up on lean as well, which was once his preferred drink of choice. Brown's decisions may stem from his new found approach in wanting to be taken more seriously as an artist,

You could check out the rest of the interview down below.