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Danny Brown: "I got 5 on it"


Danny Brown has never shied away from being open about his love for drugs and now he is doing the same to promote drug awareness. In a recent interview with Tim Westwood TV the Detroit rapper shared why he decided to give up lean.

“I was getting too fat," said Brown. “I like wearing Bowman jeans and Rick Owens t-shirts. You can’t wear Rick Owens looking pregnant. Can’t have the Gucci Mane belly and wear high fashion."

Brown told Westwood that the promethazine syrup wreaks havoc on the digestive system causing diarrhea when your body is in withdrawal and constipation when you take too much.

“That’s why Gucci Mane belly look like that. It's not that he was fat, he was bloated.”

He advises kids who think drinking lean is cool to evaluate the side effects.

“All the kids out there listening to this that think drinking syrup is cool, don’t get me wrong: It does taste amazing, and you know it might help you sleep good at night. But the side effects and all that other s**t to it is not worth it.”

Watch the interview below: