danny brown

Danny Brown is growing up. He has given up lean and as he approaches his 33rd birthday, he also plans to make some changes to his image.

“Danny Brown has to turn off sometimes,” said the rapper in a recent interview for an episode of Noisey Raps. “It was just getting to a point where Danny Brown was taking over Daniel. Now it’s time for Daniel to take over Danny Brown.”

The “Lonely” rapper said he is learning to face his problems head on instead of turning to drugs and now hopes that fans will take him seriously, well a little.

“I’m too old to be playing around with people. I’m not trying to be ratchet no more. I’m trying to grow up. That’s just a lie, cause any day I just want to have fun.”–Chris M. Garner

For more of the Noisey interview with Danny Brown, check out the video below:

[Via Noisey]