Back in 2011, 50 Cent ignited his Street King initiative. With a goal to feed one billion African children, 50 partnered with New York company Pure Growth Partners, releasing the Street King Energy shot. For each shot purchased, a child in Africa receives a meal.

50 Cent


50 Cent and Puff Daddy always had a tumultuous relationship. Still, the two have had a mutual respect for each other’s craft. During his interview with Baltimore’s Q 92.3 Jams, 50 applauded Puff for remaining relevant, but then, called his single, “Big Homie” garbage.

“If the guy doesn’t have significant savvy with the actual business or with the actual culture he’ll be out of here,” said 50 Cent when asked about artist expiration dates. “You’ll see Jay around as long as he’s been around. What he’s on like 11 albums? Puff’s still out there. He don’t even need a record. Cause he don’t got one. Like you know Puffy ain’t got no music that you wanna hear. That ‘Big Homie’ shit is garbage. I’mma keep it all the way real with you. Because the guy says ‘Don’t worry about if I write my rhymes, I write checks.’ And then sings to you.”

Here’s the audio for his full interview with 92.3Jams.—Carl Lamarre