50 Cent Suggests Diddy, Rick Ross And Steve Stoute Are Gay

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    50 Cent and Steve Stoute have a deep history of dislike and that beef came alive again in 2013. During a press run for the <i>Tanning Of America</i> mini-doc, Stoute excluded 50 from his list of influential artists during an interview with The Breakfast Club saying the Queens rap star hasn’t been relevant in a while. 50 Cent confronted Stoute during a Knicks game in March of this year. Don't you think it's time to be friends now?
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    <h3>To the likes of Eminem, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga; yesterday 50 Cent hosted SiriusXM's renowned “Town Hall” event. With a focus on his new album, the hip-hop mogul sat down to give selected listeners a sneak peek of his upcoming 5th studio LP. Also chatting much about his current relations in the industry as well as the transition over to indie, Fif had a bunch on his mind.From unveiling that he will never work with Beyonce to thinking that Chief Keef was the next heir to the throne, find out more in "What We Learned From 50 Cent's SiriusXM Town Hall." </h3>

Adding fuel to the fire, 50 Cent posted a dual photo suggesting Diddy, Rick Ross and arch-nemesis Steve Stoute are gay together, before retracting his statement and taking it down from Instagram, Sunday night.

One side of the photo showed a pink-shirted Stoute embracing a pink-shirted Diddy, while the other side depicted Diddy and Rick Ross at an angle seemingly about to kiss. The caption beneath it read: “I ain’t saying nothing, but something ain’t right. Lmao.”

[Via TMZ]

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  • HustlaDaRabbit

    50 is a cornball. He’s mad at Steve Stoute for suggesting that he hasn’t had a hit in 10 years. But it’s true. No one cares about 50′s music anymore. He probably blames EVERYONE but himself for it too.

    It was the bootlegger’s fault. It was the label’s fault. It was Kanye’s fault. Banks, Yayo and Buck are lazy. Dre and Em are lazy. The fans are gay. The fans are soft. The fans are too smart. The fans are too dumb.

    The fact is, we enjoyed his constant need for controversy at first, but after a few years it got stale. He’s a bully, and refuses to accept that HE is the SOLE reason his career is in the shitter.

    People connect with artists on an emotional level. They want to feel a genuine connection with people. 50 thinks compassion is weak, and the 48 Laws of Power are all you need to be successful. It’s bullshit.

    50, we don’t care anymore. Rick Ross, Steve Stoute and Diddy are all far more interesting musicians than you.

  • hstlr31

    50 is one jealous m.f., 50 needs to man up.

  • hstlr31

    What’s more gay than being jealous about supposedly gay people……….



  • Solar Ent

    IS diddy gay? WO!
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  • C.W Greenbacks

    @HustlaDaRabbit Since when is Steve Stoute an artist ? How the hell is 50 career in the shitter ? What because he doesn’t have a song on the radio ? He won that race a long time ago, the C.O is playing catch up…