The New New: 15 Female Rappers You Should Know


3D Na’tee
Hometown: New Orleans, La.
Twitter: @3DNATEE
Notable songs: “Dear Old Me,” The Kill”
Sounds like: Nicki Minaj without all the extra voices.
Why you need to know her: 3D Na’Tee isn’t your typical rapper talking the tough talk but not really living it. The lyricist has lived the life she raps about and keeps it real enough for all those listening. Though she sounds a bit like Nicki Minaj, she is rougher around the edges and speaks on truths that the music industry is not used to.

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  • Mark Serrano

    I haven’t heard of half these girls. I’m surprised Amber London, Honey The Hippy, Wankaego or Chanel Westcoast wasn’t on the list. Also Lil Debbie isn’t really that new.

    • Darling Pink

      CHECK OUT SOME OF BIEA DA RSONIST STUFF. Google if you have to. Biea is on the Rise and people really dig her music and her style. She is really not like no other. Hear the energy. She can bring life to any beat if you let her write for you or do a collaboration. Hear the Remix she did to Jeezy’s “How it Feel?”. The Girl goes hard. there are 3 other songs to check out. EP hope to be finished June 2014

  • brooklyn2162

    Angela Yee works for Power not Hot 97

  • Dashing28

    Where’s Rapsody????? Collabos with Jay Electronica, Common, Wale, Chance the Rapper, Phonte, Raekwon. And easily one of the best mixtapes of the year. WTF does it take to make this list if not that?

    • Eric Diep

      We didn’t add Rapsody because she’s technically not really new. Been in the game for a minute. Same with Snow.

    • Noddy Nweke

      can i get a link to her stuff?

  • Dakota Kimble

    i dont know if hopsin can go harder that lil debbies cold nipples

  • K. Sue

    Gift Uh Gab!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hollaaaaaa!!!! She’s the illest. And she doesn’t belong on a “female rappers” categories, she can hang with the best of em. :)

    • Pedro’s Pizza

      There is already a Gift of Gab artist from the Bay Area. She might be tight but her name selection is no good.

    • RogerTHAT

      This should have been titled “List of Female Rappers we will NEVER KNOW”

  • Jimmy Choose Up

    Raven Sorvino FTW! Her EP gets constant burn. Texas HOE!

  • Tiny Loc

    Raven Sorvino got it by far. I fux with her. She been holding down tracks with Problem, Mac Miller, Pac Div, A$ton Matthews & Casey Veggies to name a few. She got Leimert fashoo doe.

  • TBeck Cant Rap

    where is snow the product

  • Basy

    No disrespect to these beautiful & talented ladies but Gift Uh Gab (aka Gifted Gab) is in a league of her own. She kills any competition male/female & doesn’t need to sell sex to get noticed – just her words. It’s not just her image that sets her apart tho. Anybody thats heard a single verse knows she is the TRUTH – keep killin’ them Gabby!
    #6 FTW

    • K. Sue

      “Gift uh Gab carries a sound that has the potential to contribute to, or even spurn, a new age of quality female lyricism in the industry.” I like how they chose to word that. QUALITY female lyricism.

    • Darling Pink

      Check out BIEA DA RSONIST. She did a Jeezy Remix Called “How it feel?” To be a real Bit**, Actually she is on Coast 2 Coast Indie Top 50 Vol. 352 Get Your Speakers Ready & LISTEN ! PRONOUNCED (BEE-AY-aah) Da R-son-ist

    • zethan duke

      Yeah she’s a legit rapper, but Rapsody is hands down the best female rapper since Lauryn Hill.

  • Kigan

    Question, Where is Chelsea Reject?

  • Kigan

    You guys do know that it was both T’nah and Chelsea Reject on XYXX

  • Lloyd

    No Dessa? No K.flay? Boo!

  • Nicholas James Concklin

    No Gavlyn? No Elliphant?

  • tash6asap

    Nyemiah Supreme is hands down my new favorite female rapper!!

  • CJolie

    Raven Sorvino, Lee Mazin, & Nyemiah Supreme are my faves to listen to at the moment. I’ve also enjoyed some of Lore’l & Asia Sparks stuff.

    • Cloud Kicker

      Maybe I’ll have to listen to more of Lore’l's music. Some of her lyrics were extremely corny to me so I stopped paying attention.

  • HaddyBoy

    T’Nah and NoName Gypsy…I like Lee Mazin, 3D Natee and im prolly gonna regret but…but ima follow Jungle Pussy…smh weird even typing that…

  • thefuckinstreets

    JellyTooFly not on the list? Foul!

  • bndj

    3D Na’Tee does not sound like Nicki Minaj

    • Cloud Kicker

      That’s what i’m saying. I dunno how anybody could think that.

  • Blazer Blaze

    Moore Gang! Ya bish

  • Indigo

    Tink is perf. Love her sound and her voice. She reps my city well!

  • KeepinItRealG’D

    wheres honey cocaine at?

  • Yellow Bastard

    Lee Mazin is ass. Tink is a beast, been a fan since winters diary. Noname Gypsy is a beast, and T’nah also a beast. I’ma check these others out.

  • FrontLines #JC

    Not one mention of Alyssa Marie. This is a joke. There’s a lot of talent in the list but you clearly missed a major one.

  • bread

    wheres Precious Paris??? how could u forget her

  • EliSobe

    No Maliibu Miitch crazzzzzzzyyyyyyyy

  • Guest

    This should have been titled “List of Female Rappers we will NEVER know”

  • Noddy Nweke

    T’Nah Apexx, Gift Uh Gab and NoName Gypsy.. #ThatIsALL

    Tink flow is pretty coo too.. but im not into all those hyper-sexualized, drug ridden and “empty” lyrics.. i like realness, story telling, soul… and T’Nah and NoNameGypsy.. are dope for that.. Gift Uh Gab is DOPE too!! them three… thats all….

  • Guest

    But mad props to the other ladies on here.. keep doin ya thang!!

  • Noddy Nweke

    Where’s NItty Scott MC tho? she is SICK AF

  • steelyournaim

    no Gavlyn or Reverie? but lil debbies on here.

  • Alicia May Aniceto