In our first installment of The New New, we shined a spotlight on 15 young talents out of New York City who continue to bring hip-hop’s center back home, marked by a return to boom-bap beats and introspective rhymes reminiscent of the mid-'90s Golden Era.

But as we continued to explore new music emerging from other markets, we realized that the South isn't going down without a fight. Amidst 2 Chainz and Future’s rise to superstardom in the past year, Atlanta’s also seen Trinidad Jame$ come out of nowhere and attain national recognition, while the currently-incarcerated Young Scooter is well on his way to impacting more than just the regional club circuit.

Like New York, the A's got a crop of rookies who are pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a rapper from Atlanta - embracing different sounds, aesthetics, and styles of production. ATL has arguably dictated the sound of mainstream hip-hop for years now, and by the looks of the talent the city’s got on deck, they’re not ready to relinquish that title anytime soon.

Click through our staff-compiled guide to New York’s upcoming rappers you need to know. This is the New New.