The New New: 15 New York Rappers You Should Know


For those of us who grew up on New York hip-hop, we remember the glory days of the Golden Era, when there was no shortage of incredibly diverse rappers in the game, delivering their own unique brands of hip-hop to the world from the genre’s main stage. From party rockers like Run-D.M.C. and the Beastie Boys, to lyrical wizards like Rakim and Gang Starr’s Guru, to left-field Native Tongues affiliates like Tribe and De La – the city sparked a renaissance in hip-hop and made it a legitimate cultural force and relevant art form. It’d be an understatement to say the 2000s was something of a drought for New York hip-hop, though. As regional markets like Houston, Miami, and the Bay each took their turns in the spotlight, New York’s last hopes Papoose and Saigon struggled to find crossover success and their albums ended up on shelves for close to a decade. Meanwhile, fans and washed up rappers continued to bicker about bringing New York rap back.

Then the summer of 2012 came, and the super-young Brooklyn newcomer, Joey Bada$$, dropped his 1999 mixtape. The stellar 15-track tape was a smooth, boom bap-inspired, bold opus, expertly calling back to the good old days of New York hip-hop. Sure, there were plenty of artists buzzing before Joey blew up, but the dude demanded attention for his city, and he got it. And the truth is, there are a lot of rappers repping the New New York – some of them like to rap about selling coke, some of them like to rap about skateboarding, and some of them just like to rap about swag – but what made the Golden Era great for hip-hop was its diversity, and there’s definitely a lot of that. And as a mutually respectful wave has washed over our city’s young rappers, XXL feels like the more New New York rappers there are, the merrier.

Click through our staff-compiled guide to New York’s upcoming rappers you need to know. This is the New New.

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  • Uptown

    stop dickriding Joey Badass. ASAP Rocky has had a bigger impact and is more important that Joey and his crew and its not even debatable

    • SearchingCurious

      Joey Badass is a better rapper. Rocky has just been more successful. People sometimes think that success always mean greatness when that isn’t the case. Its the same way there’s a lot of better street ballers that are better than some of the basketball players that made it.

  • phyuck yiu

    ratking is a bunch of rich kids from the upper west side NOT harlem

  • Sowhat

    dominiclord is garbage, good thing he was kicked out of ASAP

  • d

    dymez a duzin is apart of phony ppl jesus crust

  • Sean E. Wiggins

    This list is stupid. 90% rappers niggas never even heard of…..Where’s 360 and Chinx Drugs from Queens? Where’s Denzil Porter from the Bronx? Get it together XXL.

    • Chris the Biochemist

      Did you even scroll through the list? Chinx Drugs is on it.

  • Sean E. Wiggins

    My bad, Chinz Drugz is there.

  • JC

    Lol when i saw than nigga black dave picture I said “Damn, is that Dave Chappelle?” then I scroll down n dude name’s actually Dave! ahaha!

  • Jones Markie

    List is horrible where’s Paperkav ?

    • swank

      square off should be on this list.

  • concerned

    a handful of the rappers on here are genuinely talented, but otherwise this doesnt reflect the reality of nyc hip hop. it reflects the reality of internet hype…

  • that ill matic

    this list is kinda garbage. pro era, flatbrush zombies, and underacheivers are nice. that kid perion was pretty good but the rest arent what you say they are

  • ThaNewKid

    Where is Ground Up Gang on this list?

  • Mars.Hi

    Aaron Cohen and ICK, Kyle Rapps too!

  • #BasedRod

    All I smell is hating ass niggehs, this is just a list of niggehs you should know just because you know them doesnt make them any less TUFF!! HATIN ASS NIGGEHS HATIN ASS NIGGEHS ALL YOU DO IS HATE YOU HATIN ASS NIGGEHS P.S JoeyBad is out here GETTIN IT!!!!

  • Scram Jones

    Shakey list, most of the people on this list have been on this list before. Go harder and find some newer rawer talent.

  • Alphonse

    Ummm Worlds Fair and Lakutis

  • stoopsancho


  • __(._.)_ ̄ˍ ̄╰_╯

    No Roc Marciano No Action Bronson No Mayhem Lauren No Smoke Dza that white kid that sound like Eminem is fuckin nasty tho

  • jester

    no emilio rojas but yo got troy ave whos been around just along

    • Tony Broyld

      Emilio Rojas is from upstate NY

  • Rashon


  • KING aka EZE

    Where the fuck Meatloaf Muzik

  • queenskid

    the flatbush zombies aren’t even close to being horrorcore

  • srucker


  • Dozen

    This bunch of bums are who’s next for the east coast? I fell sorry for yall. And what’s with these kids dikkriding the 90′s when half of them weren’t old enough to remember anything about it? You never saw my generation repping the 80′s, lol wtf. And let’s not get on this fake ass multiculturalism, token white boy in the crew and latina/white chick in the video…the US is so post-racial now, whoo whoo…#swag. GTFOH

    • staynoided

      You’d rather have more aspie trap rappers over 90′s inspired newcomers who can actually spit? If you’re going to act like an elitist backpack rap cunt at least learn proper english. Only a faggot would complain about multiculturalism in hip hop. Lay off the crack pipe.

  • brrrrr

    glad to see dymez on here

  • swank

    where is square off from harlem

  • Josh Kriese

    Perrion is nice

  • Stephen Leith

    indigos only

  • fuck your feelings

    this Vinnie Chase shit is fuckin wack, this aint no fuckin NY shit, fuck outta here with that shit.

  • rizo

    If you aint heard Ka from brownsville bk, you aint heard shit. All my real G’s PLEEEZE youtube/google brownsville ka right now.

  • yaboi

    sooooooo…. wheres dillon cooper?

    • Chad Evert

      soo happy you posted this

  • Steve

    Damn wiki went to my school. That shits crazy

  • iLL1

    You can’t mention Jersey without bringin up the
    Yacht Club – Get That Paper (Official Video)

  • Time in Advance = Money