Some people who were name checked during Gucci Mane's epic Twitter rant weren't surprised by the rapper's actions. But, for others, the cold words came from way out in left field. Fellow Atlanta rapper Rocko is one of the latter. During Guwop's rant, the "U.O.E.N.O." rapper was so confused by Gucci's taunts he tweeted that he was outside of Gucci's studio waiting for a fight or an explanation, one. Rock recently chopped it up with Atlanta's Streetz 94.5 and revealed that he did confront Gucci. "I pulled up. That's what real men do," he said. "Real men address their issues head first. It aint no situation where Ima run from nothing."

Rock said since he and Gucci were cool, the slander being tossed his way confused him to the point that he had to see what was what for himself. "[Gucci] was my ace. When all that took place I was in aw," he said. "I was like, nah that aint my homie. So I pulled up. We had a conversation." Rocko didn't give the details of their talk, but said he now holds no grudge against Gucci. "Homie going through some things. I just ask everybody to pray for homie," he added. Gucci has since apologized for his actions and admitted to lean addiction.

Check out the entire clip, below.