A Timeline Of Gucci Mane’s Twitter Rant


Gucci Mane has turned the Twitter world upside for the past three days. Big Gwuop has been on a tirade calling out his Bricksquad members, the industry, labels and women he allegedly had sex with. He has called out a ton of artist including Drake, Nicki Minaj, T.I. and Tiny, Waka, and Yo Gotti. XXL has compiled a comprehensive list of all the tweets that Gucci Mane has sent out. Follow this timeline of for all updates to Gucci Mane’s Twitter meltdown.

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  • JC

    stay in school kids….

  • Scott Williams

    Gucci Mane ‏@gucci10173h
    Vanessa at xxl
    U a, true groupie
    Fat piece of lard


    You for got this one

  • Dave

    By the look of his tweets I think this guy had part of his brain removed. Why does he write like such a retard?

    • sir_trix_alot

      When Gucci Mane arrived in Atlanta at age 9 he got picked on because of how
      he spoke and his “diction was different”. He said, “I would talk that country
      slang because I was from Alabama. The bullying that a lot of young
      kids face everyday. His “auntie” said that the “baddass kids took a liking to
      him and they took him in and loved him unconditionally, when others ridiculed
      and condemn him”. ” But Gucci Mane did well in school and was
      even awarded a scholarship to a local community College. So how did he become a “trap star”?

      Gucci Mane lost his scholarship when he was found with a large amount of
      crack and served time in jail. It’s obvious which lifestyle he decided to stick
      with. Do you think this decision is typical for the young “thugs” in your

      • Jbgettinit Computertechone

        Growing up, I have associated with many different types of brothers but one thing I believe firmly is that the life a young man chooses starts very early in childhood. I’m not saying that you can’t change your path, but the damage is sometimes done. My life is to powerful to waste it on some nonsense.

  • for real

    he should get back to the so icey great days


    This aint real at all….His shit definitely got hacked….probably by some rival crips trying to destroy his credibility….Gucci don’t say Cuz…and why did he contradict himself and say SQUAD at the end of one of those tweets, when in the beginning it was “Fuck Bricksquad? This shit BOGUS


      With the SQUAD reference, it coulda been whoever it is, bein sarcastic…maybe.

  • JPalto

    So where the fuck is it?

  • JPalto

    Nevermind. Had to keep on clicking NEXT for a new page opening up on his ugly mug and also one or two tweets by him. Just put it all on 1 page XXL ffs.