Gucci Mane Apologizes For Behavior “Lean Destroyed Me,” Heading To Rehab For Addiction

Gucci Mane Charged in Murder of Pookie Loc (2005)

Gucci Mane’s previously deactivated Twitter account came back to life this afternoon and the tweets that followed were puzzling, shocking and slightly predictable all at the same time. As previously reported, Guwop had a very bad seven day stretch starting September 8 with a Twitter tirade of the ages, continuing with him getting dropped from his label and ending with him being arrested for threatening the police. Today, the rapper came clean about what sparked his bizarre week, apologizing for his behavior to some of the insulted parties and admitting his addiction to codeine and promethazine came to a head with him wildin’ all week. “Woke up the other day out this hospital bed & I’m so embarrassed & ashamed of my behavior that was brought to my attention,” the first tweet read. “I just wanna man up right now & take this time to apologize to my family, friends, the industry & most of all my fans. I’m SORRY!”

Gucci later said he didn’t even remember all the things he said about people because the drugs had him so messed up. “I wanna thank everyone that has stood by me during this difficult time. Please keep me in your prayers,” was later added.

Check out the entire Twitter confession, which some are already pegging as fraudulent because of the good diction, below.

GuwopTweet1 GuwopTweet2 GuwopTweet3 GuwopTweet4 GuwopTweet5 GuwopTweet6 GuwopTweet7

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  • mixmason

    his publicist needs to dumb down those tweets

    • shurnam

      Real talk. These tweets are too articulate to be Gucci’ actual words. This fiasco may be the best things to happen to him tho’. Maybe it will force him to get cleaned up. Its obvious he does have mental issues.

  • St@degy’s obvious that Gucci didn’t write this. lol.

  • yoppaville

    since when do they let you get online while your locked up?

    • Ross S

      all the time im pretty sure…maybe it depends on who you are. i know that kat stacks tweeted like a million things per day while she was locked up. it also could have been him telling someone to tweet those things on his behalf. either way jail is a much different place today than it was 20-30 years ago thats for damn sure

  • Mike Van Orden

    It’s not a HUGE stretch to assume he got messages out to his publicist or at least okayed these tweets being disseminated. I found it rather shocking that the music community came down on him so harshly. I know he was being ignorant, but clearly the dude has huge problems with addiction and mental health. It’s obvious he wasn’t in his right mind when he flew off the handle. It’s much more productive to say someone needs help rather then take anything they are saying personally.

    • Ronald Jack

      The music community didn’t come down hard on him.

    • Ross S

      lol the music industry….they are still angry,cocky, proud MFers so no they take shit talk lightly.

      • Mike Van Orden

        Nah, dude, were you keepin up with this? A handful of artists who were closest to him were comin’ out and saying pretty nasty shit. They said they knew he had a problem but they also ripped into him as well. Nicki Minaj and Wacka Flocka specifically.


    no apology to Waka? this isn’t the way Gucci writes, this aint him..

  • Ronald Jack

    It would be interesting if he made a song about the negative effects of lean. He made so many songs promoting being under the influence like “Wasted”.