The New New: 15 Boston Rappers You Should Know


Chilla Jones
Hometown: Boston, MA
Twitter: @chillajones
Notable song: “Over Under”
Sounds like: Intensely lyrical raps packed with wordplay and flow shifts
Why you need to know him: When you Google Chilla Jones the first you’ll see is a long line of “Chilla Jones vs.” search results, which reveals probably the most important thing about the Boston MC: He’s a wildly impressive battle rapper. Like many battle rappers, on record he doesn’t always capture the appeal of his voice, but his work with fellow New England rapper Riznut shows he’s coming into his own as a studio artist.

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  • Boston Based Hip Hop

    whoever the hell made this list isn’t from boston, and clearly hasn’t been to a hip hop show here in the last 12 months. not saying the artists are bad or not worth your time, but there are MUCH more popular local artists that deserve this stage (i.e. Rite Hook, Stu Cat, Black Madeen, J The S, Mc Chucklehead, Phinelia, Amadaus The Stampede, Moroney just to name a few)

    Slaine is the biggest rapper out of Boston in the last decade. He recently released an album called The Boston Project. Only one artist (Dutch Rebelle, who is OG as FUCK!!!) from this list is on that album. That says it all

    • DJ 2Thirteen

      Chilla Jones is also on that album actually..joint with Ea$y Money, “Coke Money Jones”

    • Dart_Adams

      Chucklehead is fucking garbage BTW…

      • Stu Cat

        You haven’t LISTENED TO ANYTHING from MC Chucklehead to say he’s garbage. The ladies love him.

        • Dart_Adams

          Yes I have. He’s garbage. Accept it already.

    • cjmon2

      Everyone you listed is old news dude, except Chilla, Dutch & Stu Cat. Lets face it look at those others names, it’s 2013 man. Enough said. If they did something for this city they would more notoriety than just being, as you say “popular local artists”. Give the new artists a chance a watch how far they will take this city…

    • sirgrindalot

      hahaha stu cat what a shame for hating man. old fucking close minded individuals

  • Liz Dstination

    sean hines belongs on this list as well as urban nerdz, two different sounds and styles.


    Who the fuck are any of these cats. Been in the Boston scene for a long time

    • JESUS

      prolly cause nigga you OLD! stop hating on the YOUNG boys.

  • Ray Clark

    This List is Horrible, The worst 15 You Can Find In boston, Thats Why people think Boston Rap Is Garbage Because putting a horrible 15 like this to the world to see, More than Half these Dudes nobody in boston even heard about besides chilla jones & Avenue this List Needs to Be destroyed & never shown Again, Everybody else on the list Is making Me mad to say That Im from boston this shit is a Joke To the world, Please Take this List down!!! Wheres The Life4Life Artist They alone Have a camp Better than your entire list, Whoever chose this list Tryna hine light is doing nothing but keeping the shade over us…. This List Really Offended a lot of Boston Artist S/o Ave and Chilla Only too I can agree with…This Is No Hating shit This is Real SHIT Thanks XXL For Embarrassing My City With This Garbage I Don’t Support wack Bum rappers

    • XXL

      hey ray, think of this as a positive moment for your city, and a moment where you can check out some talent that you may have never heard of.

    • Tony D

      dog, you watch too much shark tank. catchwrek, retospek, dutch all people who rock EVERY WEEKEND for some of the biggest names LEEDZ and anyone else brings in here, the fact you only mention chilla and avenue say 3 things, watch other shit than sharktank battle, LISTEN to other boston artist, and leave DOT every once in a while “life for life” why mention cats that are not putting in the work the others are? honestly these cats on the list are at radio stations on air, putting in theyre promo, shaking hands and meeting fans, these cats are rocking the middle east constantly, you have not made a valid point about the list at all. theres a whole city of good music. go find it.

  • Boston Music Head

    This list is respectable but you missed a 19 yr old artist from Dorchestor who goes by Young Legend or YL. He has done shows with many artists whom have been on XXL. He is going on a mini tour with Kid Ink in September and has a couple shows with Chief Keef and Dizzy Wright right after. Even Caliph should be on this list and he isnt and he’s in the 12 for 12 group and Maye Star who has a co-signment with Los. There are some names on here that people of Boston haven’t heard of because they aren’t grinding like others who didnt make this list.

  • Bmugz

    Ill piss on this list check my upcoming album Triumph over Trust and credentials peace to the real hiphop MC’s

  • T.Ru

    Is This Art?

  • 15 Carlito’s Way

    This list is an embarrassment to hip-hop journalism. Clearly the author is not from Boston, or has hardly been exposed to what the real hip-hop scene is in the Bean. XXL as a source for hip-hop culture you should be ashamed of yourselves for not doing your homework. This list should either be amended or removed. I appreciate you starting to recognize Boston MC’s however you are doing a disservice to the movement. Take a moment and check out some of the true players in the Boston Hip-hop scene who are internationally touring representing the great city of Boston: Slaine, Edo G, N.B.S.(Natural Born Spitters), Akrobatic, Smoke Bulga, Terminology…

    Out of the entire article Dutch ReBelle is one of the few you actually got correct.

    • Realnigga

      bro everyone u mentioned is OLD. them niggas old ya dig. These the new niggas, stop hatin.

    • Jeremy Williams

      your just mad because your over 35 and the wannabe NYC backpack movement of Hip Hop in Boston got NO love. These are the new generation and if you actually read the TITLE it CLEARLY says “The New New”. If this was “The Old Old” then Slaine and all your dinosaurs would be mentioned too.

      Give the new generation a chance and stop being a old man.

      • Tony D

        the most BULLSHIT statement ever. and quite uneducated at that

  • Colin Henderson

    damn dudes is ating on my mans keep it up christmas

  • o4real

    We gotta give props to all the artists on here . Atleast they did something to get noticed by XXL!!! WE NEED TO SHOW MORE LOVE TO THE CITY REGARDLESS IF YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH THE ARTIST.

  • o4real

    Nyce Franklyn is next XXL 2014

  • bostongeorge

    I love the XXL but seriously do some homework and correct and update your list.

    • jeremy williams

      hey boston george, stop being a grumpy old man!

  • 617bossking

    Old weak ass critics in these comments. A good majoritiy of this list has good music. Make way for the NEW generation of Boston artists & stop hating on ppl in your own city. It’s time for a NEW beginning in the Hip-Hop scene of Boston. Much respect to all these Boston rappers on this list and I know there are a few in my opinion that should be up there as well. Glad to see XXL is shwoing light to some of the talent coming out of this city! see Boston rise World, welcome it’s new faces…

  • BostonBred

    Look out for A.Rue he’s up next

  • Daniel Rechel

    Too bad the list isn’t 25 or 50 as opposed to 15. The negative comments are idiotic coming from Boston rap fans. This is a great moment for your city. Use it as momentum to get other artists onto the next list! We can all name plenty of artists who should also be on this list… I’ll bet every artist ON THE LIST, could name some artists JUST AS WORTHY of being on the list! Keep grinding! & Keep supporting!! Pay for CDs! Buy a ticket to a show! Keep it up!!

  • JayJay617

    Big ups to Retrospek and Dutch Rebelle! This list is pretty dope, Boston all day!

  • Ronny Dewwy

    What happened To Deon Chase

  • KavindraAce2013

    I’m excited to know that I have a friend on here! CATCH WRETCH and that Boston has some talent other than everyone having to claim that they’re Bobby Brown’s cousin LOL

  • bread

    Awful Awful List… where is Smoke Bulga…Where is Q-Furb…Lou Armstrong…Termanology. Slaine.. your list sucks.. im born and raised in boston..this list is an embarrasment


      WHERE THEM NIGGAS AT? They in the RETIREMENT HOME. THEM DOODS OLD NIGGA!!!!! this the NEW generation.

      • bread

        Q-Furb is 26 and has opened up for everyone from Jadakiss to Wutang since 2006.. Lou Armstrong and the Hitmakerz have easily the strongest movement in Boston.. including songs on JAMN945

  • Fawndale ForLife

    ThIs Is The Worst List I Have Ever Seen In My Life! This Is Why Boston Get No Love In The Industry. Because Of Garbage Like This! PLease PLEASE BURN THIS LIST!!! NONE OF THESE MOTHERFUCKERS ARE REPPIN BOSTON!

  • frettifunk


  • swaggerjacked

    When I think Boston I think of 7l and Esoteric, not gangstarr.

  • 978 Boston Music

    Congrats to everyone on the list. Even if I havent heard of many of them, you gotta be happy for your city. These kids are younger and let them enjoy the moment. The last generations of Big Shug, Eso, KrumbSnatcha, L the Headtoucha, Akro, M.Dot, Slaine, Jaysaun, and many more paved the way (overseas especially all of them touring) in the last ten years.


    First of all, everyone should support this list whether they agree or disagree with it – its one step closer to Boston getting its faire share of attention. If you read the article, you’ll see that is based on artists that you should know – one’s that are talented and on the rise but may not get their fair share of attention.

    I can confidently say that this list is pretty accurate. All of these people have a following, whether its in the city or on the Internet. Avenue and Gio have been killing it with two successful projects, Dutch is a proven vet, Meekins has a loyal fanbase and can actually tour and sell iTunes albums, Fritz is one of the city’s best lyricist/producers , Natural has bars and a strong team, Moufy was popping up everywhere last year, Chilla Jones is a hell of a battle rappers, etc. Yea, the list could have been different, but either way – no everyones going to be happy.

  • Brain Evans

    This list is by far the worst list possible They forgot to include Big Shug, Eso, Retrospek and Remy Grey luckily they had Dutch to cover up this trash list

    • GTFO

      REMY GREY XXL 2014

      • Christian Davey

        I’m Surprised Remy Grey Hasn’t Been Interviewed by these guys.. The mans a Freakin Genius when it comes down to producing.

    • CHEKA

      AKA U MEAN OLD NIGGAS. u OLD niggas MADDDD right now.

    • Tony D

      they DID include retospek, ESO is NOT up and coming , and everyone knows his, esp w.the czar face. big shug too, he’s gangstar, why would they mention ppl already heard of?

    • Producers United

      You make no sense.

  • Producers United

    I agree with o4real. We have to give it up to everyone who made it to the list. This is a VERY well done list:: especially from a major magazine. Congratulations everyone. You guys have been putting in TONS of hard work and deserve it.

  • Thatpaperkid

    How did XXL miss A.Tibbz? That’s WILD.

  • Dart_Adams

    I guess none of y’all notice that this was titled the New New. The rappers you’re mad about not seeing on the list need to make themselves more visible. I had quite a few names I wish I saw on this list as well but the cats angry that they don’t see the names of cats the do shows overseas already lets me know they don’t overstand what’s really going on here. I’d also add Sean Hines, Caliph, Hitman, Mark Merren, OFATS, Sofia Snow, Millyz, D-Man and a gang of other emcees that deserved mention as well. You want to see those names on lists? Do something about it. Put action to your anger or just be mad & have nothing to show for it…

    • Tony D

      no question mark merren should have been up there. and OFATS too, sofias, bloin up now, but needs to be out more (on the way!!) i feel like cats know millyz too already…and sean hines most def

  • @producerboyz

    AKROBATIK easy miss…. 16 Year Old KYLE BENT is another MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS……

    hahahhaahhaahahhaah They just googled Boston rappers and the first 15 they put up…



  • StateFarmAgent

    I’m So upset that Remy Grey is not up here. He’s a God at what he does and No one seems to realize it. But we all know once the False leaders are exposed the real one comes out. REMY GREY XXL 14 !!!!!!!! DO YOUR RESEARCH

    • Tatiana

      Couldn’t agree with this comment more then I do now, Remy Grey’s Work is Epic, but Lets still applaud the artist who have made it on the list. Congratulations and Thank you XXL for taking your time to make this!

  • RIP Von

    Maye Star should be on this, dude is young and by far better than all these cats. Remake the list!

  • Evan Boland

    A lot of shitty hip-hop on this list.

  • Evan Boland

    Co-sign Remy Grey, XXL.

    • Dotson

      REMY GREY- NEW WORLD FTW >>>>>>>

  • Death Adder

    WOW no Portrey Youth, who did the research for this list man?

  • Stu Cat

    Bingo XXL, great job! BOSTON + the whole NEW ENGLAND should definitely get familiar with these natives! I know I’ll be collabin’ with the hardest working ones! Y’all stay focused, much love + respect to the 15!

  • Dorchester’s Finest

    Boston Hating at its finest. It’s disappointing to see people who love the same community working against each other. Yeah maybe your guy isn’t on the list and he should be or at the very list could be. I’ll agree I didn’t know half the people on this list, but that isn’t the point. The point is there IS a list!! When was the last time you saw a list about ANY number of Boston artists on XXL? Please remind me. The list is a start, a step in the right direction. Whether it’s a good or bad list or the worst list you have ever read, it’s a FUCKING LIST ABOUT BOSTON ARTISTS ON XXL! Here’s how this works…the more the list is shared on social media, and clicked on by people the more XXL can sell those fancy ads for on the sides of this page. That tells XXL people are interested and are more likely to do more lists and pieces on Boston music. So support it and share whether you like it or hate it, because that mean’s they are more likely to continue such pieces in the future…so when your boy gets his due, plenty of eyes will be on it. And the more sets of eyes who see it, the more likely the right set of will see it. Stop holding people back, and help everyone move forward. These are the word of Brian Regal and I support this message.

  • Devin Centeio

    Kyle Bent has videos ranging from 30k to 100k with a steady fan base idk why he isn’t even mentioned

  • theofficialtate

    90% of these people on this list are trash but that’s not the point. The reason why Boston doesn’t have any rappers in the mainstream is because the lack of unity of the hip-hop community in our city. That goes for ALL DJ’s, Radio Stations, Club Owners, Promoters, Rappers, Studio Owners, everybody.

    To make it you can’t just have bars or a little bit of swag. You need consistency in every aspect from recording records in professional studios, dropping music constantly, being able to have a massive reach of fans locally with social media, consistent club performances, features with other artists outside New England, quality music videos, a strong team behind you, and more importantly some money to spend on yourself.

    We live in a place with a HUGE density of colleges in one area. If you were a rapper and did shows at all the colleges throughout the year how many new fans would you pick up???

    So everybody needs to stop putting everyone else down and start picking each other up. If you guys want to truly get noticed YOU NEED TO WORK YOUR ASSES OFF, WORK TOGETHER AND STOP BEING COCKY AND LAZY. Maybe then we will see a rapper make it out of New England.

  • True Words

    this list SUCKS they only got Dutch & Avenue right ,
    Big Dee, Jeff…idk how the fuck they got on the list…not real hip hop at all

  • Real Music Fan

    Horrible fuckin list they forgot Sonny Shotz smh
    Idk wat XXL thinks music is..

  • bread

    Lou Armstrong?? Smoke Bulga?? Masspike Miles?? Q-Furb?? Slaine?? Termanology??

  • Rhoaming

    Big shout out to everyone that made the list, def a good look for the city.

  • Money

    They forgot redshaydez and fresh da flippa & mr. G5

  • BoomTrapp

    Where’s EARLY ADOPTED???

  • YounGNiLes


    • Bryant Andrews

      Shut up nigga you aint never do shit. You still as basic as the niggas on this list. Only One Missing Was Remy Grey,Black List and Lukki Spitta

  • Ryan

    Gio Dee getting the respect he deserves here

  • rocky

    thats why boston rappers is where they at now in the music scene you niggas is putting heads from your own city down fuck it shout to my dog avenue southside cash ave

  • rodreamz

    Lets stop playing around and admit that Boston Rap in general is weak nobody ya’ll naming has the potential to get national exposure

  • Michael

    Dakota Jack should be on here man

  • Marco Loco

    not having Phinelia on here is a travesty