Days after sending the internet into a frenzy with a floral outfit that many people thought was a romper, Young Dro has come forth to set the record straight.

"Ain't no muthafuckin' romper, man," Dro says in an Instagram video recently posted by Trae Tha Truth. "You better get with this shit or get ran over. Man, we ain't putting no shit to connect our nuts...If I gotta take all my clothes off to get some head I'm not wearing it."

So there you have it: Young Dro is not with the romper wave. Even Just Blaze went on record to defend the rhymer. "Young Dro isn't wearin a romper. His shirt is tucked in. As per usual with him. Cmon ppl," Just tweeted.

In the days following his posting of his outfit many labeled a romper, there has been a huge wave of memes about the idea of male rompers becoming a new fashion trend. A decent amount of that started with the gear worn by Dro, who's been one of T.I.'s peoples for years now.

Across multiple social media platforms, people are calling the male romper "the romphim," which is the new word used to describe a male romper, which is really like a short-sleeved onesie. There's no telling if the romphim will become a staple in the fashion world any time soon, but if it does, Dro will have played an unwitting hand in its rise. This isn't the first time the rapper's fashion has been a topic of conversation. Dro has always been known to wear unique 'fits, many of them being Polo.

See what Dro has to say about the matter for yourself in the video below. Peep what the Twitter world had to say about his colorful outfit in the gallery below that.

See What the Internet Has to Say About Young Dro's Outfit

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