I'd like to address the ongoing controversy surrounding the Too $hort video and try to set the record straight.

Last Friday, I received an email from a reader about a Too $hort video that had posted on XXLMag.com. Without having seen the video yet, I immediately forwarded the email to my web staff, watched the video and had it taken down immediately. As the Editor-in-Chief of both the magazine and the web site, I do not see all content before it posts live. As is typical at many media companies, with the rapid pace the web moves, I empower the online editors to produce and post content that goes live without my approval.

As soon as I learned about the video, I had it taken down.

As a woman, I in no way find the content of the video acceptable. To think I would ever approve anything that would harm women or endanger children is absurd. Under no terms should sexual assault be tolerated, nor do I endorse making light of it.

The staffers responsible for producing and posting this video have since been suspended. We are currently implementing changes in our posting process to ensure something like this never happens again. I am not trying to pass this off on my staff but unfortunately an awful judgment call was made.
The video in no way represents my views, XXL's or those of the company.

To the people who are offended by the video, I agree with you. That's why I had it immediately taken down.

Vanessa Satten
XXL, Editor-in-Chief

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