A company out of Brooklyn, N.Y., is finding out the hard way that the Wu-Tang Clan (or their name) is truly nothing to f-ck with. Woof-Tang Clan, a dog-walking company, is being sued by RZA on behalf of the group for copyright infringement.

RZA filed a trademark opposition suit against the canine catering service on Friday (Nov. 17), reports New York Daily News. Bobby Digital's suit is in response to a trademark application filed by the Woof-Tang Clan on June 8, claiming it violates multiple trademarks already established by the group years ago.

Adding to the similarities, the Woof-Tang Clan website was offering T-shirts that display a dog named Bali in an image that is similar to the cover of Ol' Dirty Bastard's debut album. “Old Dirty Bali — Return to the 36 Chambers,” the shirt reads.

In court papers, RZA, born Robert Diggs, argues the moniker, Wu-Tang Clan, has been “unmistakably associated” with the group for over two decades, and the dog company's name “falsely suggests a connection” with the legendary rap crew, and will “likely to cause confusion, cause mistake, or to deceive consumers to falsely believe” there is a connection.

The company's owner, Marty Cuatchon, has yet to speak directly on the legalities of the matter, but says there was no ill intent in using a similar name for his company. “I am a fan [of the Wu-Tang Clan],” Cuatchon told Newsweek. “We walk dogs. I thought it was a good idea.”

As far as officially commissioned Wu-Tang-related stuff goes, the group recently relaunched their Wu Wear apparel line with a 2017 holiday collection.

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