Another day, another lawsuit in the music world. This time it's not an artist being sued for a huge sum, but an entire record label being taken to court by thousands of former interns. Last week, a New York federal judge gave the "ok" on a class action lawsuit that says Warner Music Group (WMG) violated minimum wage and overtime requirements as well as other Fair Labor Standard Act regulations.

The suit was initially filed by a single intern, Kyle Grant, last June. His suit says that, "during the Plaintiffs term of employment, his duties primarily consisted of answering telephones, making photocopies, making deliveries, creating lists, preparing coffee, getting lunch for paid employees, running personal errands for paid employees, and other similar duties."

If Warner loses the suit against former interns, WMG will risk a multimillion dollar backpay payout and forced changes to its current policies.

Last summer, former Bad Boy intern Rashida Salaam filed a similar lawsuit against Bad Boy Entertainment claiming that "gift-wrapping presents" and "decorating the office during holidays" was a misuse of her talents.

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