Will.i.am doesn't think it's all that impressive to be a rap star in today's era of hip-hop. That's a point the multi-faceted artist made during a recent interview with the folks at Rolling Stone. Speaking with the publication in a report published Saturday (Dec. 1), the Black Eyed Peas leader addressed the current state of hip-hop, which he says is damaged by its utter accessibility to everyone.

"What’s the number-one sport on the planet? Soccer, because anyone can play it," Will.i.am said at one point of the interview. "The problem with hip-hop is everybody could do it. It doesn’t take much fucking skill right now to make hip-hop. It’s become the lowest-hanging fruit. It’s no longer about Rakim-level, Nas-level, not the deep, metaphorical simile shit. Out of respect for the Nases of the world, let’s not call it hip-hop. Let’s say that’s rap. But instrumental music is going to be the next biggest shit."

Will.i.am goes on to elaborate on the point of his last sentence, praising artists who played instruments.

"The John Coltranes, the Stan Getzes, the Jimi Hendrixes, the musicianship. That’s the only way to prove intelligence or taste: demonstrating your artistry," says Will.i.am. "Right now we’re competing human on human, and eventually we’ll be competing human on machine – the moment there’s a fucking AI mumble rapper [laughs] . . . it’s inevitable, bro! Like, the reason why Star Wars is Star Wars is because the Jedis kept the machines in check."

Will.i.am's comments come a little over a month after his group dropped off their Masters of the Sun Vol. 1 album. The project, which marks the group's first without singer Fergie, is the group's first in more than eight years.

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