Fresh off the release of his major label debut All We Need, Raury touched the stage as the first ever musical guest on Comedy Central's The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore. With acoustic guitar in tow, Raury serenades the crowd with "Fly," a cut from his latest album. Channeling his folk singer side, Raury puts on an intimate performance for the live studio audience. Check it out above.

Along with performing, Raury joined a panel discussion about the controversial Operation GroupMe app that has been accused of racial profiling. Raury chimes in that the app itself isn't racist, but is a reflection of America's culture. "I wouldn't call the app itself racist. But just like Trump's position in the polls, it's a reflection of America and how people really think," he said. "It's a deeper problem than just the app itself." Watch the roundtable discussion below: