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tiguilejoyeux via YouTube
tiguilejoyeux via YouTube

2011: You might be "for the culture," but you're not "freestyle for an entire work day without a lunch break-for the culture." That distinction belongs to Chiddy Bang (then known as Chiddy, one-half of the duo, Chiddy Bang), who broke the Guinness World Record for the longest freestyle ever at the inaugural O Music Awards in Las Vegas seven years ago today (April 28).

Spitting for a period of time that stretched for nine hours, 18 minutes and 22 seconds, Chiddy flaunted some impressive reflexive rhyme schemes as he turned in bar after bar. In order to take home the title of world record holder, Chiddy had to best the mark previously held by a rapper by the name of M-Eighty. In 2009, Eighty grabbed hold of the hallowed the world record by freestyling for nine hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds. As we know now, Chiddy was able to pull it off.

"It's definitely a surreal experience," the Philadelphia rapper told XXL at the time. "Nine hours is a hell of a long time. It was about pushing myself to the highest extent. Everybody knows Guinness is the ultimate. If they validate you, that's the ultimate cosign. That brand is associated with shit that's legit—world records. The world!"

While Chiddy's feat was a difficult one, there's a great chance it's 10 times as hard as you imagine. In order to grab hold of the record, the rapper had to keep spitting no matter what.

"I took two little bathroom breaks," he told XXL, laughing during his explanation. "The rules were that I couldn't stop rapping for 30 seconds. When I went to the bathroom, I had to keep going. I had to keep spitting while using the bathroom. That's crazy."

Check out a portion of Chiddy's legendary freestyle for yourself below.

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