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Jive Records
Jive Records

1990: Boogie Down Productions were a driving force for South Bronx hip-hop back in the 1990s. The group, comprised of KRS-One, D-Nice, and DJ Scott La Rock, pioneered the fusion of social commentary and political consciousness in rhymes. Their fourth album, Edutainment, featured KRS sticking to his winning formula of speaking on Black history, racism, homelessness and other heavy topics.

The album wasn’t preferred by most during the explosion of gangsta rap at the time. However, Edutainment was geared toward intellectual rap fans that found KRS’s assertions riveting. Mixed in the 21-track effort were six skits/interludes dubbed “Exhibits” (one was even by Kwame Toure), which focuses on the plight of African Americans. Not only were they enlightening, but it set the mood for the entire LP.

To top it all off, Edutainment fused a unique blend of reggae and hip-hop that strengthened KRS’s thoughtful commentary and sharp insight. Each of the songs had strong stories and musical hooks that proved a BDP album could still knock. If you ever doubted KRS’s rhymes for one second, Edutainment will sway your opinion. Boogie Down stand up!

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