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1992: Anthony Ray, better known as Sir Mix-A-Lot, dropped his third album, Mack Daddy with Def American Records. Mack Daddy spawned the second best-selling single of 1992 and Mix-A-Lot's biggest hit to date, "Baby Got Back."

Sampling a beat from the Channel One song "Technicolor," Mix-A-Lot comedically rapped about his undying adoration of the female booty in the chart-topping Billboard 100 hit. Although its tame compared to today's lyrical standards, back in '92, "Baby Got Back" was banned from certain radio and TV stations for being too crude.

"Baby Got Back" is listed in the top 20 of VH1's "100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs" It still serves as an old-school turn up gem and was most recently used as a sample for the even raunchier smash hit "Anaconda" by Nicki Minaj.

Aside from "Baby Got Back" the Seattle rapper flexed artist and producer credits on his 13-track effort. Executive produced by Rick Rubin,  Mix-A-Lot's cartoonish persona showed through on every track and he was rewarded with a platinum certification in May 1992.

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