Tee Grizzley has found himself in some hot water after spitting some lyrics believed to be aimed at late Chicago MC Lil JoJo, who was tragically shot and killed  at the age of 18 almost five years ago. The lyrics were featured on an alternative version of Grizzley's song "No Effort" ("Let Lil Durk music get you hyped and join JoJo"). Now, shortly after the song with those controversial lyrics surfaced online, the Detroit rapper also popped up in the Chi to kick it with Lil Reese on the city's notorious O-Block.

If you don't remember, Lil JoJo famously beefed with Reese and Chief Keef about five years ago. JoJo was allegedly involved with Chicago's Brick Squad, which is purported to be a chapter of the Gangsters Disciples. Reese and Keef have continually been linked to Chicago's 300 gang.

When JoJo was found dead in Chicago years ago, Keef and Reese both tweeted out their lack of concern over the matter, even throwing shade at the rapper. With that in mind, some people aren't taking Grizzley hanging out with Reese so lightly.

In three different videos, Grizzley and Lil Reese are shown hanging out. In one visual, they're on O-Block, posted up outside with several others. In another video, we see the two of them in the studio, which could mean we'll be hearing a collaboration from the two rappers in the near future.

In a tweet posted around the time the footage first surfaced, Grizzley wrote, "The love and respect between me and the real Chicago niggas is mutual 💯💯💪🏾."

Take a look at Reese and Grizzley hanging out in the posts below and see which Chicago rapper calls out Grizzley for his lyrics aimed at JoJo.

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