Supermodel Tyra Banks is a woman of many talents and she recently showed off her rapping skills on the new single "Be a Star 2" featuring New Fear's Eve, off the soundtrack to her film Life-Size 2. On Friday (Nov. 30), the runway OG was a guest on Sway's Universe to talk about her upcoming projects and ended up spitting some retro bars.

Banks is making her rounds in promotion of her Life-Size 2 film, which premieres on Dec. 2 on the Freeform network. The film comes 18 years after the original, which starred Banks and Lindsay Lohan. Banks is also rapping on the soundtrack song "Be a Star 2." Around the 11-minute mark, Sway went in depth on the hip-hop angle, asking Banks if she keeps bars at the ready. Banks then volunteered to rap in order to show and prove.

"I wrote this in algebra class, in the ninth-grade," she prefaced the rhyme. "I was in the back row. I was struggling a little bit in class. So I kinda just..."

From there Banks showed off her bars. "I'm 34A, but that's okay, 'cause the rest of my body is just touche/I'm 5'9', I look so fine/Yes, all of my fellas are so divine," she raps over Busta Rhymes' "Touch It." "When I'm finished with this, you might as well dismiss/All the other female rappers, 'cause y'all just pissed/My eyes so green, they look so keen/If you had one look, you'd know what I mean/My hair so brown, it is always down/And on my face there never is a frown."

Sway was impressed. "You looking for a manager, let me know. I like that," he said after she finished.

Check out Banks' interview and rap below.

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