In this XXLMAG.COM exclusive, the Ghost responds to J-Hood's allegations about being trapped in his D-Block contract.

Despite being the only senior member of D-Block to actually speak with disgruntled artist J-Hood about his release from the Yonkers-based label, Styles P has been relatively quiet about the situation. After a Youtube video surfaced backing November that showed Hood dragging his D-Block medallion on the ground and appearing onstage with former D-Block nemesis 50 Cent, Sheek explained the situation on behalf of the crew: “Hood spoke to Styles and said he wanted to go his own way [and] we were like, “Okay, cool,” Sheek told at the time. He went on to say that he would “gladly” release the young MC from his contract, but wondered why he would publicly disrespect his mentors prior to finalizing the split.

Then, on Tuesday (November 6), Hood released a statement in which he claimed that his former crew members were giving him the runaround and have refused to sign off on the paperwork that would secure his release. Taking exception to that statement, Styles P recently reached out to to explain his side of the situation. “J-Hood’s a muthafuckin' liar for one,” SP said. “Before he did all the Internet shit, he came to me—it was a week, maybe two weeks, prior [to the leak of the Youtube video], tops. And I said alright, you can get off, everything’s cool, and I wished him the best of luck.”

According to the Ghost, he then phoned KOCH Records general manager Alan Grunblatt and told him that he wanted to let Hood out of his contract with D-Block records. “I asked Alan if he wanted to let Hood go, let Hood off the label, he’s unhappy. Besides that, as CEO’s, we didn’t feel really comfortable with Hood, because he was hardheaded and really didn’t listen.” At that point, Hood’s release should’ve have been a done deal, but then the now infamous clip of him dragging his chain on the sidewalk and referring to Sheek as “Cheek Louch” surfaced.

“You’re not gonna disrespect something I built, and we built and took years to build and we try to help you out and we did a lot for you in your life,” Styles said of the video. “You ain’t like the way things [worked] out, but we did a lot for you and you wouldn’t even be known, point blank period, if it wasn’t for us.” Styles also disputes Hood’s claim that D-Block’s management stole money from him. “Hood’s talking about money? Hood got two upfront advances that he never had to give back. That we ain’t even try and recoup or nothing! So Hood’s a full-of-shit dude and he did something without honor.”

“The part that irritates me is that Hood is a filthy coward for the way he handled the situation,” he continued. “I called Alan up the same day! Now, what I’m saying is, why should I waste my time? Because he tried to get publicity for himself? Because you want to hop on the stage with 50? I don’t care, I hope you sign with him! I hope you sign with anybody who wants to sign you, I wish you the best.”

As far as SP is concerned, Hood will get his release from D-Block Records when he apologizes for his actions. “He should tell the truth, and be honest, and man up and apologize. Let him deal with Sheek and Kiss. I tried to get him off [the label]. He could’ve been off scott free, no problem. Now, deal with it like a business man, like a real man. As far as me, I’m falling back. I got better shit to do, Super Gangster, Extraordinary Gentleman in stores December 4.”