Stro, the MC from Brooklyn, has a new album on the way.

The rapper revealed the title on his Twitter account, sharing the news with his more than 154,000 followers. "'Grade A Frequencies' is the name of my new LP," he wrote.

Last night (Feb. 28), Stro held a listening session for the album in New York, where he unveiled the artwork for the LP. From the looks of the cover, it shows a portrait of Stro highlighted in different colors, which could possibly represent the variety of music's frequencies or waves. It's clear Stro is looking to provide some new rap waves for his fans with Grade A Frequencies.

In January, the MC dropped a new track called “Cut That Shit Off,” produced Taleil Brown. The song catches Stro speaking on a lot of late 1990’s babies who idolize mumble musicians, not receiving the recognition he deserves, Kim Kardashian hogging up all the blog sites and a rapper with no flows acquiring thousands of streams on their song.

“I zone in a space of my own/Knowledge is self, the closer to god, the darker the toll/I cooks quietly, step up in this bitch with variety/And watch the way the media can manipulate society/Im stressed out, but not a dark stress, the type of stress that cause laughter/Everyday a blog promoting a new rapper/Half a which don't even know the roots of this shit/Niggas cut school, but they cool so they get Freshman List," he raps.

On another new track, "Only On Apps," he exercises his lyricism by calling out the fake rappers and stating his issues with social media. “I get shit for free, fuck a salary/Matter of fact, take it back. Love a salary/Stack the tree, I can live happily," raps Stro.

These songs may or may not have made the album cut but another producer by the name of Elbee collaborated with the Brooklyn native on a song that definitely did. Stro tweeted last night after the listening event that the Elbee-produced track is “his favorite joint on the LP.”

Check out "Cut That Shit Off" below.


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