Siya returns to the SIYAvsSIYA album for her latest music video. The Brooklyn MC brings "Clarity Interlude" and "Nights B4 You" to life with this new visual.

The video starts off with Siya spitting bars to her partner over the phone. But when things switch up to "Nights B4 You," the scene changes. Siya is seen alone as she deals with a breakup. The couple's better days are shown in flashbacks, designated with the use of grainier footage.

Relationships have been a focal point of Siya's music, particularly on her Commitment EP. The project dropped on Valentine's Day (Feb. 14) and served as the second of three planned releases from Siya.

Commitment came together because I knew I wanted to drop three albums between December and June,” Siya said. “SIYAvsSIYA was my baby because it was my debut. Commitment is my way of letting my queens know they are loved and appreciated through my music. The next album I drop will be all street anthems, back to the block and my Bed-Stuy roots. I’m just grateful that I’ve been relevant for damn near two decades. I’m in it for longevity; nothing more, nothing less.”

If you have not already, you can stream Siya's entire Commitment EP for free via this link. Check out the music video for "Clarity Interlude" and "Nights B4 You" below and make sure to cop the SIYAvsSIYA album.

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