Sean Price has a new album coming out, and the Monkey Barz rapper is taking a guerrilla approach to marketing it. While rappers might do in-stores or free shows (the bigger ones might even try to leverage their merchandise into a temporary pop-up shop), the former half Heltah Skeltah hit the streets public transit style. Price marched onto a Brooklyn bus and re-created Tyrese's iconic 1994 Coca-Cola commercial, singing as he marched back to his seat. Of course, the rapper's singing voice isn't quite on par Tyrese's, and the passengers' reactions are roughly what you'd expect. Songs in the Key of Price is due out August 21 via Duck Down.

Of course, Price isn't the only one to recreate the ad spot. Tyrese himself did the same thing this year, in an attempt to boost sales for his new album. Deciding to forego the infrastructures and marketing budgets a major label would afford, Tyrese made it his very public goal to get his last solo effort to #1 on the Billboard charts. Yesterday (July 20), the New York Times reported that he accomplished just that, moving the equivalent of 86,000 units per Billboard's new metrics. While the sales figures might seem unremarkable--especially in comparison to the turn-of-the-century platinum boom--Tyrese will always hold the distinction of being the first chart-topper after the industry moved its release dates from Tuesday to Friday. Meek Mill's Dreams Worth More Than Money fell to #2 this week, while Taylor Swift's 1989, now more than six months old, holds strong in the third slot. Watch the original version of Tyrese's ad below.  

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