Dicky's manager Mike Hertz has clarified that Scooter Braun is joining the management team. He provided the following quote to XXL: "We couldn't be more excited about adding Scooter and SBP to team Dicky. Scooter will help continue the evolution of Dave's career, and with his strong presence in the entertainment space allows Dave the ability to accomplish what it is he set out to do when we started down this journey over three years ago."

Original Story:

Lil Dicky has his eyes set on stardom. The 2016 XXL Freshman wants to expand his profile, so he's hired Scooter Braun to be his new manager. Above you can see them signing the paperwork.

Scooter Braun is best known for bringing Justin Bieber to the world. Braun found the 12-year-old Biebervelli singing his heart out on YouTube, called the kid's mom and had him fly out to Atlanta for a trial session. Eventually he convinced Bieber and his fam to move to the U.S., and after Usher took a liking to him, L.A. Reid signed him to Island Def Jam. The rest is history.

Managing Dicky makes a lot of sense for Braun, who has since taken on clients like Ariana Grande, Asher Roth, Carley Rae Jepsen and Kanye West. His clients are superstars, and Dicky seems to be a larger-than-rap figure, what with his comedic edge and camera readiness. He seems like the perfect fit to get groomed by Braun for superstardom.

When we sat down with Dicky to talk about getting chosen for the 2016 Freshman cover, he explained his appeal. "I think a lot of things that make me different from the rest of this year’s class. My style is totally different. A lot of what I do is comedic based. I bring a different perspective and a different background. I’m sure the music is much different but mostly the comedic twist I put on things I think is the biggest differentiator."

Let's see what Scooter Braun cooks up for Dicky.

Behind the Scenes With Lil Dicky at the 2016 XXL Freshman Shoot

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