Jay Z's Roc Nation is suing Rita Ora according to a report by TMZ. This news comes just over a month after it was revealed that Rita Ora was suing Roc Nation after being "orphaned" by the company.

The new lawsuit sees Roc Nation saying that it invested in the relative unknown Rita Ora back in 2008 when she was signed and invested millions of dollars in her career. The label expected to get five albums from Rita Ora, but she has only delivered one so far. Roc Nation claims they have spent over $2.3 million in marketing of Rita Ora's second album, which they are trying to recoup through the lawsuit.

This contradicts the story of Rita Ora in her lawsuit as the singer has claimed that she's been self-funding her recording costs, television appearances and making of videos. The Hollywood Reporter obtained a copy of the lawsuit, which featured this following complaint.

"When Rita signed, Roc Nation and its senior executives were very involved with her as an artist. As Roc Nation’s interests diversified, there were fewer resources available and the company suffered a revolving door of executives. Rita’s remaining supporters at the label left or moved on to other activities, to the point where she no longer had a relationship with anyone at the company.”

Ora's lawsuit is trying to using an old California Labor Code known as the "Seven Year Rule" to get out of the contract. The code says that a person cannot be subject to a contract of performing personal services that goes beyond seven years from the beginning of the deal.

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