While many US readers are used to albums being released on Tuesdays, several record industry heavyweights are working on selecting a universal release date to crack down on digital piracy. The music industry is hoping to adopt Friday as its global street release date starting a year from now, in July 2015.

Several major labels, along with the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) have sources concluding the date change is already a done deal, but there are still some companies who refuse to budge.

"This global streetdate is necessary for the industry but unfortunately it will be awkward for the physical retailers to change their ways of doing business," says one label executive. "Now, they could have two-thirds of their sales in one day," which would impact retail operation.

"Its a smart move," said Trans World Entertainment chairman and CEO Robert J. Higgins to Billboard. "When we have a music or video title come out on a Friday, we have done better sales over the two week-period that we would do with a Tuesday street date."

With varying release dates comes a higher chance of piracy for those countries who's street date trails that country. Consumers are more likely to illegally download music for free if they can acquire it at an earlier release time than what's expected in their country. If the global release date is adopted, many changes will have to be made to accommodate Friday as its official date, including music charts, entertainment software, and of course retailing distribution.


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