Raury hasn't released an album since his 2015 debut, All We Need, but we may now know what the holdup has been in the Atlanta artist's career.

In a story from DJ Booth, it was revealed that Raury has left his record label, Columbia Records, and management company, LoveRenaissance. "I want out of the label when the people who believed in me transition jobs to be replaced by strangers who don't know me," the artist said.

According to Raury, Columbia sent him to Coachella without any support. "It was like they were trying to put me in a position of fear and weakness so I could run out of money and they could control me," he said. "I would rather die than be controlled."

In a series of tweets sent out on Monday morning (Jan. 8), Raury spoke more about his relationship with LoveRenaissance, giving thanks to people at the company but also revealing what went wrong. "Truth is we just were never the same from day one and I was always destined for something else, and so are y'all @LVRN," he wrote.

"But I wish it didn't have to hurt so much I wish y'all would had told me y'all wish to focus on dram and black n I should sort it out @LVRN," Raury added. "But yeah, it's man, truth is spirit didn't align y'all to be the one that manage raury you could never and would never get my purpose."

XXL has reached out to Columbia Records for comment.

Check out the Raury's tweets below.

See Raury Tweets About Leaving LoveRenaissance Management

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