I had to do a double take just now, when I was researching this hoo-er Kiely Williams, who just put out a song about how much she enjoyed being date raped. I couldn't believe she was just 23.

Then again, I hadn't even been aware that she was once a member of both 3LW and the Cheetah Girls. I didn't even know what the fuck the Cheetah Girls were. According to Google image search, which is about as much research into that shit as I'm willing to put forth, it appears to have been a girl group consisting of three reasonably attractive (my bad) tween girls, and then Raven Symone, who looked like the light skinted Precious even in her youth.

I thought Kiely Williams was just some new young hoo-er trying to make a name for herself, and she figured she'd do it the most ridonkulous way possible, short of letting the entire Young Money (even the one that's like eight years old) run a train on her and then give their phone numbers out on Twitter. (Which is apparently against Twitter's terms of service.) I'll admit, "Spectacular" somehow seems worse than anything Kat Stacks could possibly come up with. (Which I don't necessarily mean as a challenge, btw.)

If you haven''t already seen the video, you should probably just consult YouTube, Nothing I could say about it could possibly do it justice.

Here, I'll copy and paste a few of the song's lyrics, as excerpted by Necole Bitchie.

“I think he pulled a track out while he was blowing my back out…. I hope you used a rubber, or I’m gonna be in trouble…”

and also

Last I remember I was face down
Ass up, clothes off, broke off, dozed off
Even though I’m not sure of his name
He could get it again if he wanted
Cause the sex was spectacular
The sex was spectacular

See what I'm saying?

The worst part about it is that you know good and well that this is some hoo-er's thought process. They say the vast majority of date rapes go unreported, and you have to think that at least some of that has to do with the girl deciding that, yeah, I was passed out drunk at the time, but he's got such a nice car, and as I recall, he was such a good dancer, not to mention I have no conscious recollection of what went down last night, but based on the way I'm walking, he must have worked me over particularly well. Obviously, it's not because college age women are concerned with casting aspersions on men.

If Kiely Williams is 23 now, that means she was what, like barely middle school age back in the 3LW days? I honestly can't remember if i spent any "me" time with their videos, and I'm not about to check YouTube to make sure. It's bad enough I just pulled a video by Diddy's girl group Dream, for a post on a cruel trick some awful kid played on G-Dep, and I was reminded of how much I once enjoyed it, despite the song, and despite the girls themselves. Aside from the age thing, there's the growing realization that I'm in denial about my fascination with white women. I'll maintain that I'm not as bad as the average black dude, but I'll admit I do kinda lurve subpar white women, as evidenced by my interest in Mal Malloy, whom I'd ride hard and put away wet.

Having said that, Kiely Williams might have been around the block more times by the ripe old age of 12 than I had at 20 or whatever. (Okay, she almost certainly had.) Some young guy in the comments section of my own site alluded to a 3LW lawsuit. I consulted the Google, and come to find out it was alleged that Kiely Williams and her sisters, who managed 3LW, encouraged Naturi Naughton, the dark butt who played Lil Kim in Notorious, to bang Murphy Lee from the St. Lunatics, so they could go out on tour together. Why in the world Kiely Williams, who obviously has a filthy mind, didn't just bang him herself is beyond me. The only thing I can think is that Naturi Naughton may have been more... shall we say, developed than those other two girls. If you've seen Notorious, you know what I'm talking about.