Damian Lillard might be keeping his head in the game as he steers the Portland Trail Blazers toward victory, but he's got a strong love for rap music in his free time.

After a fan asked the basketball star his top five MCs of all time on Twitter, Lillard responds with seven major names, revealing he can't list just five of his favorites. The sports player names 2Pac, The Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Lil Wayne, JAY-Z, Eminem and André 3000 as his favorite rappers, with fans praising and questioning some of his choices.

It's a heavy debate in hip-hop culture for people to debate their top five MCs of all-time, and it looks like Lillard picked a lot of common names that tend to be listed by other big stars in entertainment and sports.

The Trail Blazers player isn't the only athlete to share their rapper opinions, as Lonzo Ball recently made headlines for claiming no one listens to Nas anymore and Migos and Future are "real hip-hop." The statement stirred up a lot of controversy on social media, with Nas and Future's manager remarking that Nas has never even heard of the Los Angeles Lakers rookie.

See Damian Lillard list his top rappers in the tweet to a fan below.

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