Pigalle x Nike offer more images of their collaborative line with this basketball-inspired capsule collection. The joint effort carries a line of apparel, equipment, and of course footwear. Two pairs of the Air Force 1, one High and one Low, have been re-imagined through the eyes of Pigalle's Creative Director Stephane Ashpool. Stephane Ashpool sat down with DAZED Digital, see excerpts below and head to their site for the full interview.

How did you got into basketball?

Basketball entered in my life when I was five years old, at primary school. There was just one basket, with a soccer game happening underneath it. I just took a ball and ran with it, and played for about 10 years for the Paris team, at the highest level. Though I didn’t want to join the NBA since I was 16, and I decided to concentrate on the studio since my early 20s, I still play all the time, every Saturdays and Sunday.

Basketball is a very stylish sport.

It is the most stylish sport, because it was always mixed up with the whole hip-hop culture. It’s a game that you play quite fast, you have momentum, your body’s quite open and you jump and run. Mixing this with the clothes and the music together, it gives something very interesting, definitely.

What about basketball style – how did sport style influence you?

A lot! The Pigalle look is a mix of the gentlemen with the relaxed sports look. Basketball is a stylish sport: you have a headband, a wristband and all these elements. But also, not just the professional looks: how you see it worn on the playground is amazing. I really liked when players pulled the other side of their jersey on, a tshirt flipped on the wrong side, or you cut the sleeves.

What I like also in basketball is that it’s a sport that we play at all times: sometimes in winter, so you have many layers so you have the jogging pants with the shorts on top, to express that you are a basketball player. Because if you come on the court just with the jogging pants, someone is going to ask: ‘Are you going to change?’ But if you come with your shorts on top, or if you have a t shirt with a tank top on top: this is what I like in general.