There is a petition that circling around that wants to stop the potential George Zimmerman/DMX fight. The petition—which started on Feb. 2— is calling for action that Celebrity Boxing Promoter Damon Feldman & George Zimmerman must be stopped from attempting to promote and profit off the tragic Trayvon Martin incident that took place in February of 2012.

Today, on the 19th birthday of Trayvon Martin, it was announced that a deal is in negotiation for a possible celebrity fight between George Zimmerman and DMX. Back in Late January, news broke that Promoter Damon Feldman threw down a challenge, offering George Zimmerman money to step inside the ring in a celebrity boxing match.

Game quickly stepped up and said that he wants to fight Zimmerman and so did DMX who stated he would urinate on. George Zimmerman thought Game would be a “perfect” opponent, he says he’d prefer to fight Kanye West. DMX wants to fight George Zimmerman but a financial agreement hasn't been settled yet.

The petition needs 100,000 signatures by March 4.  You can view it here.