With a healthy dose of wit and New Orleans-infused musical sensibilities, rapper Pell's got an unmistakable sound. It's one he brought to XXL's New York office for the latest edition of XXL's What I Do, a series where rappers deliver a freestyle, spitting bars on the spot, unfiltered and uncut.

Moments after re-introducing himself to viewers, 26-year-old Pell dives into a singing sermon about the perils of the N.O. "See some boys inside my city never made it out/Fell in love with the noise and ain't make a sound/Got you looking like you're running 'round backwards/Thinking life is a breeze 'cause of Backwoods," he begins.

After getting warmed up with some sing-song vocals, Pell jumps back into the world of dropping bars, which is something his fans know he's got no problem with.

"None of them niggas be listening, guess I'ma do it in triplets/Ball in my court, I'ma go dribble it/Straight to the hoop, like I invented it/Straight to the loot, niggas ain't friends of you/When I was broke, nobody kin to me," he raps, switching up his flow a slight bit.

Pell first started gaining serious momentum in his rap career in 2013, and while he could always serve up high-level bars, he never forgot the melody that helped raise him. More than a year removed from dropping his girasoul EP, Pell reminds fans that the vocals are real.

"The way that I put people onto music that I like is by doing different types of music, and I felt like I've shown people that I can rap bars for days. What else do I like?" Pell tells XXL of newer music he's put together. "I grew up listening to like, John Legend, anybody from like, [the] early 2000s. All that R&B was really what was on my heart heavy when I started making music, which is why it's melodic."

Pell is currently prepping a new project for 2019, and if the bars he showcases here are any indication, it should be a dope one.

Check out Pell's melodic stylings for yourself up top.

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