Mozzy has been on incredible run over the past two years, releasing quality projects at tremendous pace. The Sacramento rapper’s Fake Famous album is the latest example of his skill, and Mozzy wants to make sure you have not forgotten about it.

The talented MC returns to his most recent album to provide some visuals for the posse cut “Scorin.” The video sees Mozzy hanging around a liquor store with Lex Aura, Lil Blood and Slim 400. While the guests hold their own, Mozzy’s opening salvo is the highlight of the track.

“There's all types of bitches on my Motorolla/We pulling out the corner store wit hella baking soda/Another cold summer, I ain't seen a summer colder/Gang enhancement charges when them people roll up on us/They throw the hold up on us plus they boosting up the bail/The crime rate quiet all the shooters in the cell/It's Hell Gang, bitch, I'm going straight to hell/Just made it harder for yourself, it ain't no way that I could tell/It's either a maney jumpshot or hit the NFL/We fucked his career off he got possession's for them sales,” Mozzy raps.

Mozzy is one of the many rappers in contention for the 10th spot in the 2017 XXL Freshman class. If you want to see the West Coast rhymer on the cover, make sure to vote for him as much as you can.

Watch the "Scorin" video below.

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