Last night, the second season of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta aired last night on VH1. The reality TV series is growing into its own phenomenon. Stars such as Stevie J, K. Michelle, Lil Scrappy and Rasheeda have shared their personal lives and careers that make it compelling to watch.

The person responsible for the show’s polarizing success is creator Mona Scott-Young. At first, the former co-founder of Violator Management was hesitant to branch off and create a reality TV show, but she’s worriless now.

"I was leaving something that I had built for nearly 20 years of my life,” she said. "But it was exhilarating to start over because I had a new lease on life, venturing into territories unknown for me and just starting from scratch."

Love & Hip-Hop has drawn millions of viewers, but it has been under scrutiny. Many people have petitioned to have the show cancelled. Still, the cast members feel the extra exposure helps push their careers forward. Scott-Young also noted that music industry co-signs from Diddy and LL Cool J give her a confident boost.

Read some comments from the cast below, and check the rest of the article here.

Stevie J: "Mona allowed these women to tell their story, and guys like me to be known. Before, people heard of my name but didn't know what I looked like. I relish the character that I am on television. People are amused by our stories."

Joseline Hernandez: "I wish people would stop pointing the finger. I know that I'm a good person, and I know where my heart is. I know that I'm talented and I'm a bad (expletive), so I don't care what anyone thinks of me. We're here to stay. People who criticize wish they were doing what we are doing."

K. Michelle: "It gave people the awareness about my music. It gave people the opportunity to see me. Music that was out two years prior, they went back like it was brand new."