The world of hip-hop loses yet another pioneer. According to various sources, the Bronx's own Lovebug Starski, who served as one of the culture's first actual rappers, passed away in Las Vegas at the age of 57.

Starski began his rap journey in the 1970s, and his earliest songs feel like perfect one-stop listens for folks who want to know what the first rap songs sound like. Dropping off disco-infused cuts like “Gangster Rock” (1979) and  "Starski Live at the Disco Fever" (1982), Starski, who was a DJ at The Disco Fever, flashed a flow fans would hear variations of for years after he dropped his first track.

Although he wasn't the first name rap fans of today would think when asked about rap's forefathers, Starski deserves a slot among the Sugar Hill Gang's and DJ Kool Herc's of the world.

Speaking on Starski's death, DJ Premier remembered the somewhat unsung rapper and his contributions to the game, which plenty of folks would tell you were many.

"We Lost One Of Our Greatest Pioneers Of Hip Hop," Premier began. 'LOVEBUG STARSKI'. He Is Also Known As One Of The People Who Came Up With The Name 'HIP HOP' Aside From Another Legend 'Keith Cowboy' Of 'The Furious 5'...
Salute To All The Pioneers and Condolences To His Family.#HipHop."

XXL sends condolences to Lovebug Starski and all of his loved ones. Rest in peace to a rap pioneer.

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