Lil Wayne and you aren't the same. He's made is clear, numerous times even. He's a "martian."

According to the New Orleans lyricist, his alien assimilation was actually inspired by Cee-Lo. Not by the ingredients in his ubiquitous Styrofoam cup.

Weezy told XXL in October 2008 issue that he's a fan of alternative hip-hop star and his artistic defiance.

"I'm a fan of anybody that's out there like that," Wayne explained. "I'm different from y'all. So instead of saying, 'I'm different,' I have a cool way of saying, 'I'm a martian.' I'm so glad I've developed into that type of artist. 'Cause I never could see that shit from the Hot Boys days, to become a nigga that's just lyrically out there. And make a muthafucka love it. Even though you could talk about nothing and put something to it to make it mean something."

Wayne's dominance this year continues. Aside from gracing the cover of the latest XXL, his most recent album continues to sell well. Tha Carter III currently sits at number six on the Billboard 200 charts 12 weeks after its release. The album just pushed past the 2.3 million mark.---Anthony Thomas