Lil Dicky thought he could do what very few NFL defenders can: stop New England Patriots player Rob Gronkowski. The rapper put his jamming skills to the test during a shoot for EA Sports' Madden 17.

The 2016 XXL Freshman was quite confident in his technique, telling Rob Gronkowski he's dreamed of jamming the tight end for years. The Gronk seemed amused by the whole situation, even being impressed by Lil Dicky's skills at some points. Lil Dicky did successfully jam the NFL star once, but did not fair so well in their final two battles.

Lil Dicky's role in helping to promote Madden 17 adds to a huge year for the MC. The comedic rhymer landed a spot on the XXL Freshman cover which he felt helped legitimize his career. During the cover shoot, Lil Dicky spoke about how hip-hop changed his life for the better.

"Hip-hop completely changed my life in the sense that I had the biggest dreams my whole life growing up in terms of having my voice be heard," he told XXL. "Never did I really think hip-hop was gonna be the gateway to people hearing my voice, but it totally was. And I'll always be forever indebted to hip-hop and grateful."

There's no denying hip-hop has benefited Lil Dicky. The Pennsylvania native's rise in the rap game has allowed him to star in fast food commercials, and link up with power players of the music industry like Scooter Braun.

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