Kodie Shane is looking to make her own mark. The Atlanta rapper, who is a member of Lil Yachty's Sailing Team, has released her new mixtape Big Trouble Little Jupiter. The project is Shane's first step towards carving out her own lane and becoming more than just a part of Lil Boat's crew.

Big Trouble Little Jupiter features 10 tracks with Matty P and D.Clax handling the bulk of the production. In a recent conversation with XXL, Shane spoke about her hopes of becoming a superstar off one project.

"Well, my goal in general is to make music for the youth that the youth can love," she said. "Not only just for the youth but almost be their voice. Just show that they can do whatever they want. My goal in music, I’m tryna get some Grammys. I’m tryna be like Lauryn Hill off of one album.”

The tracklist and stream for Shane's new mixtape are below. Also, make sure to check out XXL's entire interview with the young rapper for more insight on her burgeoning career.

Kodie Shane's Big Trouble Little Jupiter Tracklist

1. "2 Minute (prod. by Matty P and D.Clax)
2. "Twins" (prod. by Matty P and D.Clax)
3. "Na Na Naa" (prod. by Matty P, D.Clax and Culture)
4. "NOLA" (prod. by Matty P, D.Clax, Culture and Childish Major]
5. "Like A Rockstar" Feat Saucy Longwe (prod by Matty P, Stonii tha Melody God and D.Clax)
6. "Stay For A Minute" (prod. by Matty P and D.Clax]
7. "Your Side" Feat En Vogue and Saucy Longwe (prod. by Matty P and D.Clax]
8. "Just In" (prod. by Matty P and D.Clax)
9. "Be With Or Without" (prod. by Matty P and D.Clax)
10. "So Throwed" (prod. by Matty P and D.Clax)

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