All I Need
Check out what Kevin Liles, founder and CEO of KWL Entertainment, carries inside his Louis Vuitton weekender bag.
Images Thomas Liggett

Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared in the May/June 2013 issue of XXL Magazine.

1. In The Words Of Nelson MandelaI'm a big supporter of his story.

2. That’s my Bible.

3. It depends on what country I'm going to but, that [there] is Euros or pounds. 

4. Louis Vuitton card holder—I have to have business cards for each company depending on what meeting that I'm going in.

5. I carry my passport with me everyday.

6. Samsung Galaxy S III—[I have] so many different businesses, [plus] I try to stay ahead of my kids with the gadgets.

7. BlackBerry Porsche Design—I grew up on BlackBerry so I just wanted to always keep one close.

8. Ray-Ban sunglasses—They're my everyday grown man shades.

9. Apple iPhone 5—It controls my lighting at my house, my pool, my sound system.

10. mophie charger—You know with the phones, who's to say when the batteries won't last so long.

11. Dentyne Fire Gum, Spicy Cinnamon—What more do I have to say about that? You gotta have fresh breath.

12. Apple Macbook Pro—I have to make sure I can be connected at any given time to anybody.

13. Apple iPad—This is one of the most trusted devices for me.

14.  I always carry floss.

15. That folder is actually my staff’s end-of-the-year assessment.

16. That’s my BlackBerry battery. 

17.  I gotta take an Emergen-C everyday.

18. Contact solution—At any given time, something might tear or I have to clean 'em.

19. Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover—You know, that's for when I mess up.

20. When I wrote my book "Make It Happen" in 2005, I signed my first book with that pen. Any big deal, I always sign with that pen.

21. Beats by Dr. Dre Tour In-Ear headphones—I'm a supporter of Dr. Dre and everything he's done. We all need our Beats.

22. Trey Songz is one of my clients and he's on tour right now. If you're on a tour, I'll have your pass with me.

23. Frederic Fekkai lotion—Now people are going to know why my hands smell fresh.

24. That would be my journal.

25. You gotta keep yourself well mannered. [Burt's Bees] helps my hands.