Joey Bada$$ is not a happy customer. He made that much abundantly clear when he accused American Airlines of racial discrimination after one particularly unpleasant in-flight incident. The rapper recounted the instance, which appears to have happened Sunday night (Jan. 28).

The rhymer shared news of his unpleasant experience on Twitter Monday morning (Jan. 29). "So I’m boarding this #AmericanAirlines flight walking to my first class seat," Joey begins in one tweet. "But before I get there I put my bag up (in the first class section obv) & one of the flight attendants goes “excuse me sir you can’t put your bag there that’s for our first class customers” AHAHAHA."

The next part of the story allegedly ended with an L for the flight attendant, and an endorsement from the Brooklyn rapper.

"So I show her my ticket and the whole plane just laughs at her Stupid bitch," wrote Joey, who recently said hip-hop was in a very "trash state." "@AmericanAir is the best airline for racial discrimination. This is why I’m #teamdelta @Delta."

American Airlines attempted to right their alleged wrongs through their Twitter account, promising to meet with Joey. "@joeyBADASS Our customers should feel welcomed while traveling with us, we're going to have someone meet you at the gate once you arrive," wrote the account.

Joey, who's reportedly got a joint project with XXXTentacion coming out, wasn't having it, though, implying that the company was merely taking some PR precautions. "Be honest you guys said this just for Twitter," he wrote in a quote tweet response to the airline. "Didn’t see anyone waiting to meet me when I arrived. And even if there was, trust I wasn’t interested. But thank you anyway... for nothing."

In a statement to XXL, American Airlines says they're looking into the issue, and that they attempted to reach Joey when his flight touched down in New York last night (Jan. 28).

"Our team is investigating what transpired during the boarding process of his flight," reads the statement. "We did attempt to speak to him upon arrival in New York last night, and our customer relations team will also reach out to obtain additional details."

This isn't the first time a person of color has accused American Airlines of some form of mistreatment, and that's something their executives have attempted to address in a series of studies and training sessions. They described the process in an internal memo they sent company wide back in November.

Check out Joey's tweets about the incident and his interaction with American Airlines in the gallery below.

See Joey Bada$$' Tweets Accusing American Airlines of Racial Discrimination

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