Jidenna and Nana Kwabena may not have hit the party, but they created one of their own in the new video for "The Let Out."

Throughout the first minute and a half of the visual you get a glimpse of a slight house party gathering with Jidenna and his friends. From there on, they hit the streets in their classic vehicle packed with females to stir up a little fun outside of the party.

"Yeah, I'm running late so just meet me at the let out" Jidenna raps. "Ya'll tryna get in but I'm tryna get out/Niggas getting robbed, getting shot at the let out/Heels in her hand while she leaving out the let out." Jidenna and Nana Kwabena show off their stylish dance moves as Jidenna continues on with his verse.

As the video continues on for three more minutes, everyone continues to have fun as you see people doing donuts in cars, dancing on top of cars and anticipating the club scene let out. Jidenna shows us the benefits of being late to the party and turning it into a let out parking lot after party. You can't go wrong with that.

In other news, Jidenna is set to release his debut album titled The Chief. The album will be releasing on Fri., Feb. 17 and was announced via Instagram as while he shot a video in Africa. We're sure the "Classic Man' artist will be giving his fans something they've been asking for for a long time: a full-length project.

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